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Take a piss in the fountain of youth

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Feel the beat of a human heart in your puny fist.

A professional cosplayer leads an ordinary life.

He takes on a job in pest control, where his boss insists he works in full cosplay to differentiate the business from the competition.

The story follows the indignation and humiliation of the protagonist, as he aims to become independently wealthy.

Four Chambers uses several free pixel art assets.

The characters are part of svh440's awesome CC licensed Minifigs set. You can find more information about it here. This set comes as still images. I have custom animated each character for Four Chambers. In the spirit of CC licenses, all of the animations are available in spritesheet form in the github repo.

The level tiles and background art are from Surt, a prolific Creative Commons pixel artist. You can read more about Surt here.

Illustrations by Stephanie Chiew

Score by Girls With Depression.

Additional Music by Ralph Hilton / Rotary Dial Sins.

Logo Artist Auro Cyanide

Four Chambers is made using XNA. Make sure you have the latest redistributables installed if you run into problems.

It plays well with a Xbox 360 controller or keyboard and mouse.

Fully open source. Pull apart the source to find cheat codes, secret passages and debug modes. https://github.com/initials/XNAFourChambers

Check the official website.

Release date Nov 14, 2015
TagsPixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Joystick


FourChambersOfTheHumanHeart.1.8.0.zip 88 MB

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